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 Green  carpet cleaning in Chelsea, Quebec

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When looking for carpet Steam cleaning in Chelsea one of the deciding factors are whether or not the products that are used are green and environmentally friendly and if they are safe for children and pets.

ECO-PRO Carpet Care is proud to answer Yes to all of the above.  Chelsea, Quebec is special being located so close to nature, so being eco-friendly requires that companies that do business in this town to be green minded and sensitive to the needs of the environment.

Interestingly enough, the owner of ECO-PRO Carpet Care is a fellow resident of Chelsea and has been for over 30 years. Therefore he has a great appreciation for the town and what it stands for, and takes great pride in the work that he provides.

Wooded areas like Chelsea Have and Extra Need For Carpet Cleaning

Rural areas such as Chelsea are much more at risk of having their residents and outdoor pets bring outdoor insects and pests indoor.

Dust mites Chelsea
Dust mites can interrupt your nights sleep with allergic reactions


Fleas, Ticks, Spiders, carpet beetles, mites, silver fish among many others are extremely common insects that are found in rural carpets, rugs, mattresses and upholstery. It’s part of country living so don’t be overly alarmed, almost everyone has them.

By having  your carpets, rugs and upholstery cleaned regularly  will drastically all of  these insects and pests, as well as mould, dust, pet dander, and other air-borne particles.

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