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Mattress Cleaning Gatineau Service, do you know who you are Sleeping With?


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If you are in the market for a Mattress Cleaning Service in Gatineau, you really need to read this…

One of the most forgotten furniture items on your cleaning list is your mattress. In order to receive the premiere mattress cleaning Gatineau has to offer, you need to call ECO-PRO because we are the Outaouais mattress cleaning experts that you can trust. We service Hull, Gatineau, Aylmer, and Chelsea for any and all types of mattress cleaning.

Mattress cleaning Services in Gatineau


We spend 1/3 of our lives in bed, but do you know who you are in bed with?

A Mattress cleaning is one of the easiest fixes to aid someone suffering from night time allergies. Considering we are sleeping with some very unwanted and often undetected guests.

The majority of us do not recognize or understand how essential it really is to get your mattress steam cleaned, Sanitized and extracted on a regular basis.

It’s a recognized and undeniable fact that all of us spend at least a third of our life lying in bed. While lying in the sack we’re in contact with numerous allergens that are transferred within our mattresses for example: Dander, Mould,Pollen, Dead Skin Cells, and most harmful of all… Faecal Matter from Dust-mites.

With ECO-PRO Gatineau Carpet Care, we are specialists in allergy reduction and removal. The first step is to have your mattress cleaned and Sanitized with our 5 step process.


dust mite removal Gatineau

Dust mites can interrupt your nights sleep with allergic reactions

 Better night sleep is on its way with our Mattress cleaning service experts in Gatineau. 

This short video below will give you better idea of how dust mites can really harm your health.


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